Invalidating someones truth

03-Jan-2018 03:48

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“A person at a financial institution [who works in diversity] said I’m only making money from diversity.But if she is working in a diversity department, isn’t she making money off of diversity also?As our environment changes, and as we change, our way of responding to the world and making sense of it changes.Piaget’s work on development is particularly important because it has been closely scrutinized over three decades of cross-cultural research.Not being heard and accepting this “lesser value” had a major effect on the way I viewed myself and on the health of my self esteem.Not being heard and not being allowed to have an “impact” on the people that I believed were important in my life, is a common part of growing up with emotional neglect and psychological abuse. It got me to the compliance and obedience stages that they wanted me to be at.I saw this poster on facebook that said “PTSD isn’t about what’s wrong with you; it’s about what happened to you.” I believe this is a true statement.I believe that we can achieve all positive results through facing what happened; facing the trauma and the damage that trauma caused. Stress manifests itself in many different ways; depressions, dissociative disorders, physical illness and sleep disorders just to name a few.

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Here are nine things they suggest never saying to your white colleagues. “You’re a carpet-bagger” or “Why is a white guy doing this?I believe that this is true for all depressions too. But something happens when people actually try to face what happened.Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is the best term I have seen to describe depression. Looking back I can see how hard I fought facing it and how much I wanted to stay in the dark about the bottom line truth of it all.I think perhaps I believed that when I was “older” or when I was an adult, I would have “my chance” to be a part of the world and finally have a voice. I was not “allowed” the impact that I saw other people had.

I had to listen to what everyone else wanted, but I was not given that same consideration. I sought out friends who were similar to me in their own victim mentality and found fellowship with them but I continued to have bosses, parents, boyfriends who communicated that they were more important than I was.

But white people who are heterosexual, Christian and not disabled can and do champion diversity efforts.

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