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:) Here's an alternate method of tieing a sheepshank sling.Normally, you would form an "S" in the bight of a line, throw on a half-hitch at each small bight of the "S", then tuck the working ends through the bights, transforming into 2 bowlines, making it a "locked" sheepshank.My way uses an extra bight, or 2 "S's" stacked, allowing for quick weave through the 5 cradle lines... Fox just announced the deal at its upfront this afternoon.I’ve contended with that, and excessive body hair, eversince. The hairs around my mustache area are softer, but I’d have whiskers and I could definitely grow a goatee.I’m African-American, so my hair is naturally thick and curly, but it’s extra coarse, like amid-thigh. I was the only woman I knew who had to shave her face every day. The hair on my arms and legs didn’t bother me too much.The moment one of the kids got the grub in its belly both hopped away joyously to reassum their former stances.Over at Pipes Lake a machinegun-like CH'K'K'K'K'K'K' erupted from a big adult Belted Kingfisher winging powerfully across the lake.

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” EXCLUSIVE: Seth Mac Farlane is one of the busiest creatives in show business — and he just got a lot busier.Behind and below the parent a slightly smaller, paler kid followed strugglingly, fluttering more than sailing.