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We had unprecedented access and a platform bound only by our own resourcefulness. “There was a moment in time where they didn’t know what the fuck to do, though, and that was fun.” “That was tight! “I never seen anybody with a platinum chain on that I was like, ,” Ingersoll explains.

“That’s not tight to me.”) Too savvy to shop themselves out to labels, the duo spent years sharing tracks exclusively through Myspace or mp3 blogs before they even released an official EP.

Let’s take a look: Simian Mobile Disco & Kid Sister – Pro Nails Heavier electronic combined with milder, peppier hip hop Result: 6 Boys Noize and Tiga – Move My Body Tiga track with a solid beat, given the Boys Noize treating yields a pretty heavy mix.

Result: 9 Rusko & Kid Sister – Pro Nails Kid Sister earns some wild dubstep bass.

Perhaps true to his curious nature, A-Trak is not a Luddite DJ, one who refuses to turn a technological corner.

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By the time he was old enough to vote, A-Trak (aka Alain Macklovitch) had won more international championships than Sugar Ray is a range of musical taste in which things tend to stay within the reaches of what we tend to consider “normal.” This range typically spans a great deal of territory, beginning on the leftmost side at “soft” and “gentle”– an ambiance typified by artists like Sigur Ros and The Album Leaf–and progresses to the right, all the while becoming louder and heavier, until it culminates at a point where many people (generally those above a certain cutoff age) see fit to classify it simply as “noise.” Now this scale is one that composers and producers try with all their might to fit in to, largely due to the fact that each point on the scale has its own respective crowd (or if you will, “scene”) which it corresponds to, and that making music to please a certain “scene” is a surefire way to pull a hit out of the hat.

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