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23-Jul-2017 05:04

The Internet, newspapers, magazines, radio -no stone has been left unturned.

Recently, though, online dating has made the wrong kind of headline.

The woman whose picture he’d been shown was that of an entirely different person.

He was heartbroken to find he had really fallen for no more than a mirage.

Who would email a potential love interest instead of simply approaching them at a bar or a social event?

On July 20, Ashley Madison, a dating site for like-minded adulterers, was hacked.

A total of 2.7 lakh Indians now live in the fear of their credit card details, chat logs, photos and sexual fantasies being made public.

The answer could only be the geeky, the unsightly or the awkward.

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If your circle of family and friends doesn't include those who have flirted with Tinder, Truly Madly, Ok Cupid, Woo and Hinge, you may have possibly come across their aggressive marketing campaigns.

My opening line was usually: “Hi, how was your week? But I guess I was trying to give the impression that I’m normal. ” en masse and sit back and watch the replies roll in. But to receive one from someone who strongly reminds you of your grandmother is not so great.

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