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I sort of write the music, and I can orchestrate the whole thing, but the words, [singing] "I woke up this morning .

, also known as Jesse Quick, is the daughter of Harrison Wells of Earth Two. However, after learning Savitar had plans for her, she left Earth One to take over for Jay Garrick as the "Flash" of Earth Three, until Savitar is once again imprisoned and Jay returns from the Speed Force.

We *might* have more downside action in stocks coming.

That is pretty much up to the latest from Twitter Dum and the Kim Chi Kid. As for gold, we will know when real fear is in the markets.

Labs particle accelerator of Earth One, Jesse gradually managed to unlock her Speed Force connection, becoming a meta-human speedster and a hero.

Zoom approached the Flash and told him not to make promises he couldn't keep as Jesse watched on in horror.

A college student on her Earth, Jesse was used by Zoom in a plot to turn her father against Team Flash. When Earth One's Flash was taken prisoner by Zoom in early 2016, the hero told Jesse that he was going to break her out.

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Straight up, the scenario that unfolded on Monday night's episode is actually my biggest fear about all relationships.

When Barry made an attempt to escape, Jesse told Barry there was no way out as she had tried herself.

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